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ATK Premium has all the common flavors of porn but the videos are rather softcore type not brutal hardcore ones. No matter what type of girl you like they have it all including famous porn stars to fresh amateurs. There are variations in the contents too. Typical porn sites have only videos and pictures in some cases but this website also has lots of sex stories, artistic nudes etc. As it have a smart amount of movies and pictures in its collection the website designers made separate segments for movies and photos. All the contents are represented in thumbnails to help the members choose their desired content more easily and efficiently.

This site is a user friendly one and the facilities you get are worth paying for. There are almost 4032 movies and you can see the cameraman’s effort on the videos. Videos added at the beginning are not that high quality if compared with the recent ones. Scenes can be streamed in an embedded player or downloaded in multiple formats. There is a format which can be played in mobile devices that means you don’t have to convert them. So, you just download it and move it to your iPhone, ipad, Android or any other device. Whenever you need just play it on your phone and start enjoying the videos.

If you need pictures then ATK Premium has more than 8K photo galleries. All of them are high resolution and available in zip files. You can see lot of different poses and some exceptional shots. If you love shots taken from specific photographer you can find it possible. You can drop comments, rate contents, add favorites etc.

You can find an advanced search engine which will help to find anything in the website. You can search content according to your favorite categories for example solo, erotic-artistic, lesbian, toys etc. It is actually the best way to find desired content very fast and avoid annoying ones. If you love any specific porn star just search by her name and you will get all the scenes she were in. Well, if you have any weakness on big breasted woman, big ass or any other physical element you can find all of them easily by searching. In fact, whatever comes in your mind starting from vibrator, dildo, trimmed pussy or anything else just type it on the search engine and you will surely find contents on that niche. So, there’s no way to get disappointed if you sign up.