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Dancing Bear features parties in location and only-girls parties that have male strippers coming in to entertain the gals. The collection shows the male strippers in costumes of bear outfit while the gals are either fully clothed or partially naked. You can consider this to be a CFNM (clothed female naked male) niche website. The first thing about the films is that they are really long episodes of parties and sex. You get the feeling that the girls really go feral mad when the stripper begins his routine. The guys definitely gets turned on by all the eyes looking at him and all the hot hands touching him and mouths sucking his cock.

The party gals get the opportunity to jump on the male stripper cock and fuck in various positions. The final part is the great cumshot often shared among the women as they cheer and lick and drink it all up. Attention to detail is given great importance by this site that is created by the BangBros network. You will find various listing of thumbnails and there are some adverts/upsells inside. They started in 2009 collecting and producing cfnm porn. You will be given the offer to see live cams. You can easily forgo this offer, get inside, and start watching the hardcore parties.

The regular updates happen monthly and you will get the action special and exclusive inside. Over the year, the amount of porn added is fairly small in comparison with more prolific pornsite, but they add and that is a point you can deny them. The redeeming part is that they have videos normally an hour long so you still have tons of hours of porn inside. Like the last time we checked, they have over 103 movies, which can be translated into 103+ hours of porn action. That is not bad considering production nowadays is high definition resolution. Any member who streams or downloads is a happy member.

They have online slideshow for the pictures and download zip file formats. You will be able to preview the parties and see that a mob of drunken horny gals can literally suck the goo out of a dick when they are charged enough! The movies are split into clips that you can download. They have mobile formats. You get all the necessary file formats like mp4, wmv, flv. There is genuine intrigue in the movies, some humor, lots of orgy excited sex action. The parties typically have one guy stripper or two and about 20+ ladies waiting to be entertained. The niches include pussy penetration, lesbian licking, bjs, anal, boobs, cumshot, creampies, and so on.

The guys always have some form of bear costume just to ensure that the theme developed from the first film to the last is perfectly the same. The guys from Dancing Bear generally have sexy bodies and massive hard cocks. In conclusion, the website should increase the updates, increase the parties and wild gals gatherings, and continue producing in the same spirit of entertainment and explicitness.