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When you study hard you go to college because you aced your exams. When you get to college, you get into wild sex parties like the ones inside this site called “Dare Dorm”. Anyway that is what we would like to think happens. That is what the site shows happened deep in their galleries. For many people the experience of college is a revelation of sorts, and we think this site shows what it could be with more freaky coeds walking the campus hallways. It is a pretty much common occurrence to have people wish they could go back when they remember the fun; the next best thing would be to become a member of this site.

This site is awesome and you are awesome so it pretty much looks like a match made for the ages! Right! You will find lots of time and energy expended by the site in creating that reality feeling inside. This means they make damn sure you know that their material is user submitted real stuff! They say that they help the coeds get courage to have sex, parties, games, nude display, just so that they can be able to pinch the one-thousand-dollars reward money available! Who wouldn’t do it?

The guys of course will agree in a heartbeat to get naked with sexy coeds. The gals all seem to have that sparkle of nastiness in their eyes. The stage is set, lights dimmed, and you are about to have quite the show inside this site. The site is growing, gaining a more solid following from people all over. People just simply cannot get enough of sexy coeds having sex. You will find niches like voyeurs, exhibitionist, sex, stripping, parties, orgies, and more and more coed gals looking fantastic. You will not be given the big catalog of pictures that you were expecting.

They still haven’t added any pics, but vids are there. The numbers are yet to reach the thousands, but we think they’ll get there. They have to get there cause this site is really all-entertaining stuff. A lot of close-up are inside there. Coeds are amateurs, lots of shaky cams that show both excitement and authenticity of the realness of the user submitted content. The whole package doesn’t cost you too many precious dollars, just enough, just what you can bear.

As far as delivering what they promised, we give them 7 out of 10. Navigation, site looks and design, features, tools, and menus, we give them 8.5 out of 10. Content quality and the overall niches, porn, gals, coeds, sex and action that you get as a full member, that gets them a solid 7. So they are above average, will satisfy your student-sex needs, not a bad site to join. We think you should join Dare Dorm.