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Whoop whoop, that’s the sound of the police! But in the case of the website FakeCop, different sounds are going to be made here. This reality fantasy website comes from the FakeHub-Network. The police force here is totally corrupt in every possible way. They are actually quite outward and bold with their corrupt ways. The ladies (on their part) have done something very wrong, and they have even worse luck running into the cops. The cops like to take advantage of the dark situation the ladies find themselves in. They take full charge and responsibility towards imposing their will on these sluts, sorry, victims!

You will find that the cops don’t discriminate whom they go after as you will find Spanish, British, and other ethnicity babes. The rule is simple for the movies here. Once the cop catches the babe infringing in the law, or doing something illegal, or about to, or if the cop is just feeling nasty and plants evidence or harasses the babe, the results lead to lots of sex. It’s an interesting concept that is still being developed by these guys so that the website can contain many videos. They are new thus have new footage and numbers, which ain’t so big.

In other scenes, the ladies are the instigators since they can’t resist the men in blue uniform! They take that rock hard stick of the cops and satisfy it with blowjobs, anal, and pussy. You will also see threesomes, DP, deep throat sex, interracial, cumshot facial, and so many other genres. You will be left speechless by the great ways the cops use the babes to orgasm climax, and the webmaster is creative in naming the footage. These guys call themselves FKC (which sounds like a football club or something) but it’s just an abbreviation for their name. Let’s talk about the navigation features inside.

There is the homepage that has advertisements of the seven websites inside the network. It’s quite pronounced and takes quite a bit of space. Anyway, you can scroll down and find the latest videos. Currently they describe their stuff beautifully, but they don’t have a ton of tools for sorting or browsing. They don’t do the model information so much, and they must increase the amazing amount of videos soon. They update weekly.

With high definition quality, and options for accessing mobile device formats, you’ll soon be watching the cop abuse in great resolution. For many of the websites inside this network they don’t have picture galleries, and this website doesn’t have pics. You do have access to the bonus network – many other creative movies and niches in there. Clearly, FakeCop is new and growing; there are still things that make this deal valuable to you.