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Fellucia Blow is about as interesting as you want it to be considering they only do one thing, suck cocks. However, funny enough, this blowjob pornsite does deserve some level of respect for solid bjs. Now, blowjobs (unless they are just the start of things) can make lots of cum drip messily on the chins of the gals doing it. That’s what the videos came to show, and they show all this under ten minutes for most. It’s not like a believable blowjob will last for thirty minutes or more, unless they take breaks and the guy doesn’t cum in all that time! But that’s not the point of the content in this place. Its nice girls, in fact, damn sexy faces and mouth lips sucking the cocks for 7 minutes average.

The one thing you’ll get plenty of variety of inside is the type of cocks being sucked. Fat ones, long ones, straight or crooked; they all always end up cumming hard. The website has a member’s area, updates, information about them, and newsletter. According to information, the videos here are original cock sucking scenes. What the girls are keen on doing is to suck the dicks differently.

Each time the scene will add its own variety of skill that the sucking babes have. Some can go gagging deep all the way from the head to the balls. Some cuddle and play with the testicles, lick them, and slurp the saliva dripping from the mouth. Others are keen on dry sucking that shlong and creating a vacuum in the mouth that pulls the semen all the way out. So, in some ways they do have some variety.

The juices of the firm shlong often fly in the air, land on mouth and faces, on floors, around tits, and anywhere else the juices will fly off to. The camera makes many detail views of the lady’s face. It lingers on her eyes and nose, her makeup, and then her mouth. So many videos here show you the- no-hand cock sucking that is an experience to relish. The girls know to give special attention to the head of the cocks. That place is so sensitive and it’s usually the place that makes men cum.

As for number of videos, there should be more updates, the pornsite is growing. They have picture thumbnails of the models heads and mouth and cocks, and media files are mp4 and windows. You can steam, and videos are high definition. You don’t get a model index, but they have access to a zillion more porn videos inside the bonus websites. Fellucia Blow porno is all about cock eating, so whip it out and visit this place.