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Enjoying your work is one thing, being obsessed is another but in the case of the site Hegre Art, it all adds up to various good things for those who sign up for a membership pass. Petter Hegre is the perfect example of someone with a deep obsession about tantric erotica productions. He makes material for this site and it is art. It is extra nice that the site has had more than ten years to do its stuff and to work out all the bad kinks that can make a member mad disappointed. After chipping away at all that bad stuff, the sculpture that remains is something golden, and this is what this site represents, golden offerings of seductive erotic quality material.

The material is personal because it is personally inspected by Petter who is an excellent photographer and veteran of the erotica niche. You will find softcore mature content, solo, tantric massage, art photography and a big collection of babes. The section with the 40-minute movies showing oily massage action is gaining a lot of fame inside this site. The massages are masturbating the minds of members with orgasms and cumshot being shown. And even if the site first started with only erotica photos/movies, they are clearly moving into glamour explicit productions.

The usual way that the site likes to produce current material is through 1080p HD productions. They offer files for PsP, iPod, and mobile devices as well as cover the computer user with resolution films in 720p and lower 360p resolution. Moving on, you are quickly hit by the selectively good and perfectly shot picture galleries, which greatly outnumber the movies that you get. The first place to visit is the section of pictures with jpegs that are as big as 80MP size. That is huge for images; it gives the pictures resolution that is extraordinary. Movies are updated once a week pictures come every other day of the week.

To enjoy your material inside, you can filter and select which of the rated and dated galleries you feel like starting with. The models online enjoy a lot of attention not only from Petter but also from the members. That’s because they are bewitching, sultry, provocative, ad desirable in all ways. The picture gallery always shows posing and spreading of nude legs and great tots.

When the gal pick up the tempo inside the movies, you will be tempted to blow all your pent up juices without any hesitation as they take you from your docile state to a more frenzied place, where you get to see masturbating gals, gal-gal petting, and different level of aesthetic sexual stimulation. Petter’s website transmits all the remarkable revelations that he has with the erotic models and you can access it when you need to day or night. In other words, Hegre Art is open for business, come and get it because you now can!