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I once warned my friend not to easily accept photo shoot requests. Lately, sham photographers have become rampant. They want the women for something else other than the photo shoot. And sure they want the photo shoot, but they want to delve into deeper, maturer levels. She disregarded my warning and apparently, she was happy with her experience. She then told me I should try to be a kink just so I could get laid with beautiful women like her. So it’s been confirmed. Anyway, I did take her word for it and indeed things are way more fun when you just ask women directly for what you want – their booties, their boobies and their bodies. Just ask and they will give just as it goes with

This is probably the only porn site I will turn to from now on if I truly want to gain more inspiration on how to be an effective chick magnet. Here on this site, I have come to realize that it doesn’t always take good looks to lure women. There just has to be the confidence and you should have it in fully intact.

So what really is this 1Kink site all about? Let’s just say it’s more of an adventure about certain men who have their own unique fetishes. Some would love to fuck women because of how much they adore their feet. There are also times when they would go for the whole BDSM thing, which is perhaps the most intense level this site gets to. And there’s actually more to it than just that because above the content, there are the main cast, the stars behind the amazing story videos that go in a full reel of nudity.

One of my most favorite niches here would be the footography. There’s just something about the women’s feet of course that makes it pretty glorious. And they always look a lot more attractive from a down there. Anyway, there is a seemingly endless list of categories to choose from. Currently the database holds over 5,400 videos and these are a mix of exclusively milled videos and others gathered from the partner sites of All of these videos vary in quality, from vintage to super fine HD. With updates going by a weekly timeframe, you definitely have something really good to look forward to. This is where quality does not hamper quantity at all when it comes high class porn entertainment.