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If everyone is honest the main feature missing from porn is sensuality. Many sites devote themselves either to hardcore porn or soft-core with a try at the sensual aspect with a bit of kissing and fondling. Some have added story lines and some even realize that both men and women have a place for porn in their lives. Even couples!

The frustrating thing about watching most porn is that you become bored eventually of the same old thing. Yes, we love anal, of course we love gang bangs, but what is missing is the slow build up to that earth shattering climax.

Nuru Massage is Not a Regular Site

Enter Nuru Massage. Now, when you first glance at the very clear photos of hardcore scenes you might just think you have entered just another regular hardcore site. Take a closer look and run a trailer or two. This is so deeply sensual, so sublimely erotic it might just blow your mind.

You will experience the absolutely slow sensual build up of a guy being massaged. Thick with oils, he is slowly teased. Fingers and hands running up his thigh, flat hands massaging his stomach and all the while you get to hear the sounds of the oil slurping and caressing his body.

Beautiful Sensuality Mixed with Hardcore Fucking

Further along, you will delight in watching as a beautiful woman, slides on top of him, her body an instrument of exquisite pleasure. Her breasts running a trail along his back, her thighs grabbing at his. His building excitement will get your heart rate going and you are almost like him, begging for more.

Then in one scene she opens her legs and slides him inside almost in one move, resting backwards to grab onto his ankles to take all of him up her. This does build up to hardcore in all its hot situations, including anal and threesomes.

Perhaps I have managed to explain it well, perhaps not, so as mentioned earlier take a gander for yourself. You can download the 289 movies on various formats, including MP4 at various resolutions suitable for your computer. You can also stream the movies and on all counts the quality is superb.

Great Discounts Built into Pricing

The pricing is excellent and there are built in discounts for various terms. So, even if you fancy just trying it out, there is a short term period trial run. You can access over 60 sites once on the Nuru Site.


Nuru means slippery in Japanese and it takes these tiny, but curvaceous Japanese women to show the art of what they can do. However, you will see all ethic groups well presented here. There is definitely hardcore action and threesomes and more, but Nuru Massage has managed to bag it all.