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I once read a book about following your personal legends. The book is called The Alchemist and I’m pretty sure it’s an overrated book that you have heard about or might as well have even read in the past. But let’s be real, it was a great book that draw in way too many philosophical insights. One of the things that got me there was when the jeweler said that he does not want to go on a pilgrimage because if it is fulfilled, he will have no reason to live. He thinks the tease is a lot better because it gives him lifelong motivation. And there is some context in which I would agree to that. It’s a porn site that courts nothing more than a teasing effect, arousals that rise and don’t ever end. To always feel climactic is the premise of this site and it is called the OnlyTease.

If you could also remember the episode where Barney decided to get into a relationship with a strip teaser, we would also come to a realization the truth of what this site is trying to tell us, that things might not be as exciting as they were when the ejaculation did not happen yet. True. You feel much weaker and less motivated when that semen has already been cummed to her face. So instead of going all in for that, the guy would just be subjected into a loop of a woman’s strip tease, removing her tops and panty, touch him all around and hold his junk.

Lick it on the tip, suck it a bit until it almost gets out but it doesn’t because she knows how to keep it going without having his penis let go. Sometimes, of course, they want to prove otherwise going all in, the ejaculation and both men and women still feel as madly in love as they were before the sex.

I guess it should not really concern you how the videos go aside from the fact that they are all excellent. 690 videos are waiting to be explored here. These are also strip videos that you would want to see in first person perspective — HD quality vids that run from over an hour to a full blast of 2 hours. Download the videos or the photos of your choosing. Get to know your most favorite models though the index. It’s as lovely as you want it to be. You would also love OnlyTease for its frequented site updates.