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If you looking for a bit of class with your smut, then take a look at Playboy TV. Once only available via cable TV, it is now available on your computer. This is quite handy as most people will agree. In this format you get to perv without any interruptions and store away the stuff you want to look at later, on your computer.

As Always Playboy is Sheer Class

Playboy has always had a touch of class with its ‘ass’ and this is no different! The great thing about Playboy TV is that it really gets in touch with both the female and male perspective of sex, particularly naughty sex! This is the type of learning curve we all enjoy, kind of like a peek into the secret lives of women and men and how to make sex even better.

The Secrets of Sex Exposed

In a way you learn a lot from the program, like how chicks feel about threesomes, as well as venturing into the private life of swingers, for example. Who hasn’t fantasized about that? Now you get to see all the ins and outs about swinging in the comfort of your own home. So there are no risks!

Amateurs porn is also featured on Playboy.TV and the nice thing about amateur porn is that we all know the people in the video are really getting horny knowing that you are going to be looking in on them. That in itself is enough to turn anyone on.

Meet your Favorite Playmates

If you have ever wanted to meet the playmates behind the scenes, now is the opportunity. You get to check out the hottest Playboy playmates in their real environment. Behind the scenes chat, video footage and interviews make it all the more interesting.

Finest Quality

The quality couldn’t be anything but 100% as Playboy has a name to withhold and after 50 plus years in the business they are sure not gong to let the side down. They continue to deliver first class babes with hot smoking photographs and videos to keep you entertained for days.

If you are looking for smoking hot babes, need a bit of intelligent sex chat and want to perv over the playmates this channel is definitely for you.

Playboy TV, has Made Sure it has It all.

It also has over a thousand hardcore videos for you to get off on as well as thousands of Playboy photographs of the most beautiful women in the world to look at.

Playboy.TV, is synonymous with glamour and sex and it gets an all round thumbs up for hottest channel on the Internet ever!