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Sapphic Erotic is an interesting site on the web today. While they mainly focus upon the lesbian aspects of adult entertainment, there are many different positive aspects of this site. For one thing they try to sample several different niches in order to keep you coming back to their page.

The site is packed full of good features and a has a significant amount of porn to go around. Right now they have over two hundred thousand different pictures, which is a very healthy collection considering that there are many sites that only go so far as to have ten thousand pictures. They say that they have five hundred hours of videos, but when you put all of that together there is not a great deal of videos. Perhaps they only have over five hundred videos- that is next to nothing compared to many of the biggest sites on the web especially considering the fact that they can have over a thousand videos.

They also have a large amount of models, close to one thousand. This shows that the majority of the Sapphic Erotica models are actually being used for pictures rather than videos. While this may be nice for some people, the majority of people come to porn sites to watch videos, not look at pictures. One of the best parts about this site is that they give you access to over ten years of archived pictures and videos. While it is nice in terms of quantity the fact of the matter is that not even half of these videos are in high definition, so it will be like trying to find old pictures from 2004 which were awful quality.

Another great part about the site is that they have a search function that makes for ease in searching for specific content. If you are looking to join this site then you will need to pick a membership plan.

For the monthly fee you can expect to pay about $14.99 which is decent when you consider the fact that you have access to many pictures. Overall, though, Sapphic Erotica is average because it ultimately values quantity over quality. There are a lot of pictures and videos to look at, but they are really nothing special.