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Viv Thomas sexy action is not simply exciting, it comes in a very well thought out package that many people will appreciate. The tour pages of many porn websites have outlandish promises. But when you get inside, things are really not what they seemed to be, you get disappointed big time! That is not going to happen to you here. First, you will see the teaser material that this site presents. This gets you well acquainted with the kind of material they have inside. The kind of material you see there is classy stuff that includes pictures and movies. It is not uncommon for people to leave stunned by; the promises that this site makes, the previews, and the sizzling action that they anticipate will follow soon after.

What you will see inside the member’s area is 202+ DVD videos waiting for you. Not short things but some 100 minutes long videos, that is! This cuts into many hundreds of scenes that you are welcome to watch inside. Before you go running off to join, how about some more info first, okay! They really did impress us also with the mount of pictures, 2813+ image galleries inside their site. You will have a lot to watch no doubt about it; but is the material really the kind of quality that you will enjoy? That is an excellent question!

They have flv, mp4, windows media file formats inside. When dissecting the best quality we could find, there were 1080p HD videos. No need to tell you that this is the top most quality in the market right now! They have managed to sustain the good quality levels even when you look at the images. There are many galleries showing high res images, shot by the talented eye of great producers. With more than 800 different models inside, you are getting something valuable, there is no debate about it! You can browse the videos and pics separately. They have given you an advanced search feature inside. It helps in searching for material according to criteria, and model index is linked to the material that the models produce.

The other good stuff is that they have different downloading sizes for the images. They make sure you have access to bonus things like behind scene material. Information about the models is offered, interactive rating system is being used. The daily updates are cool, making the galleries fresh. They do very many softcore and hardcore genres inside. Small issues do happen inside like not enough features for navigating, but nothing stands out too much. This makes the site rather user friendly and very agreeable to many porn fans.

If you just take all the good stuff that these guys offer, you are going to be a very happy porn fan. The variety of gals and niches is great, makes material lively. The quality filming and picture taking inside is superb. Viv Thomas is a site that will have you in a constant state of horny arousal from the moment you sign in until you leave. What more could you possibly want!