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The idea that the pornsite called VR Bangers is pushing is that reality is nothing but a mysterious construct of the mind! What does this philosophy mean? It means that this pornsite is dealing in the otherworldly kind of new technology hardcore in the market. This content is the stuff of legend in the way it changes everything you know about hardcore pornography. It changes how you think it’s supposed to look and sound, and that is because of the high definition virtual reality videos in here. Here, the videos have been cut and molded into the 3D types of formats that allow members to have things like 180 or 360 degree views, binarual sound, 4K resolution and more.

Just to give you an idea of things, the videos that are the best 360-degree resolution come in sizes of 3gb, but they have smaller files in there too. So if you are streaming, makes sense for you to have access to the fast internet connection, and if you save, better have space and great connections for fast downloading. It’s a price all the virtual reality videos pay because they come with so much detail and data that they have to be big file sizes. Thank goodness there are vids here that offer smaller resolutions to 1 GB or smaller (only if you forgo the VR 3D experience and get normal HD videos).

Now, what you need for virtual reality is to have VR headsets on the ready, have the player saved on your device, and get your membership access to this pornsite. They are great because they offer you a chance to watch some of the free VR videos, lets you get a handle on how great these videos are.

The VRBangers videos show outrageous stories, kinks, fetishes, and you can enter into various storylines created. For instance, there are cop stories, threesomes, anal, facials, and many other genres. Another thing, the videos can be watched in different positions, lying down pov or sitting down. You have the choice of choosing what you like, as well as choices when it comes to VR headsets that include Google Cardboard, Oculus, Gear VR Vive, and others. As the technique and technology gets more user-friendly, expect to find more ways of access to these virtual reality videos, for now you have what is compatible with the formats they offer inside.

All modern features and tools are here for this pornsite, including the menu for app, login, pornstars, videos, help, shop, news, etc. If you choose to watch the regular 2D videos, you’ll have satisfactory experiences but the recommendation is for you to upgrade to the 3D. The performers chosen thus far are models and gorgeous, mostly European babes; they should start adding more diversity with their updates. VR Bangers rains down some awesome videos in the new background of hardcore that’s an experience on the cutting front edge of technology – listen you best check them out!